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The end goal of this workshop is for the students to create a novel optimized deployment scenario for using an advanced reactor (any reactor design newer than Gen II/III Light Water Reactors) to support an industrial use that requires combined heat and power. Students will be put into teams of 4-6 and will be provided with a mentor, with additional content-specific mentors available on call. At the end of the project, teams will deliver a pitch, using any communication tools they choose, that describes their deployment scenario, their chosen technology and why they chose it, the economic case, their chosen industrial use and why their reactor is optimum, the safeguards implications, and the social engagement strategy. The winning team will be awarded 1000 euro per team member to be used as travel support to a technical conference.  The funds will be held available for one year.  If travel restrictions prevent immediate travel, the funds will be available for one year after travel restrictions are lifted.

Judging Criteria

Identification of value proposition and justification of core competency

  • Is the deployment scenario clearly identified as answering real needs / solving an existing problem?
  • Has the value proposition of the optimized deployment scenario for using an advanced reactor been clearly articulated?
  • What paths to market/opportunity exist?

Technological soundness and marketability of the idea

  • Is the technology feasible and has a reasonable probability of success?
  • Has the market/opportunity for using an advanced reactor been quantified? How big is the market/opportunity?

Identification of all associated risks and mitigation strategies

  • Has the team identified appropriate risk categories and risks inside of those categories?
  • Do they have mitigation strategies for those risks?
  • Who are the key competitors and what is the competitive differentiator?
  • Has the sociological impact of the deployment scenario been addressed?

Critical success factors

  • What are the key things that absolutely must happen for the deployment to succeed? Why?
  • What level of investment is required and what financial return may be received?


  • Content, organization, look and feel; bonus points for originality.
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